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Develop dynamic delivery skills with Neuroscience: The Best Presenter™



Effective communication skills are a prerequisite for professionals in every industry. How do you cut through the noise to make your presentations resonate with your audience and compel them to take action? Which skills do you need to hone to guarantee that after ten presentations, yours will be the one they remember? We believe that preparation is more important than delivery, and therefore the differentiating factor between an average presentation and a dynamic one is neuroscience. 

According to research, 95 percent of all thoughts, emotions, and learning occur before we are even aware of it.  This makes it invaluable to understand how your audience will react to the information you are sharing and adapt your delivery for maximum impact.

This program uses neuroscience to transform the messenger AND the message by understanding the motivations, obstacles, and perspective of your audience. 

Our History

The Matrix team built this program on decades of research, industry experts and our experience training over 60,000 people. 

We know how to prepare you to Win Before You Begin. Are you ready to get started? 


Graduates of this program report: 

  • Increased Confidence
  • Higher Evaluation Scores
  • Enhanced Relationship Building Skills
  • Increased Impact
  • More Compelling & Memorable Presentations

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Neuroscience: Negotiations™

How much money are you losing on each negotiation? This program highlights the neuroscience behind the process and leads to more effective skills. 

Neuroscience: The Best Seller™

Do you have the latest information to help generate a lead, ignite interest and advance the sale? This program leverages the latest research on human decision making behavior to help you build customer loyalty and advance the sale. 

MX Sales Coach

MX Sales Coach is a simple mobile platform that provides tailored development plans that are populated with over 96 micro-learnings. Provides you and your organization continuous development and pull-through training. 

Neuroscience: Executive Level Conversations™

Selling to top level executives requires its own level of expertise. Learn how to articulate the benefits of your product efficiently and convincingly. 

MX Allego

 Allego is a mobile sales learning platform that transforms the way innovative organizations create and share sales content from the field. Allego enables teams to collect, curate, distribute and absorb the most relevant content and best ideas from the field and across the organization. 

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